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In these different circumstances caused by the pandemic, we continue with our aim to provide a warm and hospitable welcome to our guests, offering a quiet and peaceful setting, where individuals may feel at ease in this house.

Two documents are on our website.

Risk Assessment and Measures in place are shown below.

Terms and Conditions with regard to Covid 19 can be seen here.

Risk Assessment and Measures

We have conducted a risk assessment and put in place measures that meet all relevant government guidelines concerning reopening this centre. This work includes receiving certification from ‘Good to Go, Visit Scotland’ confirming we have the necessary processes and protocols in place. Guests will be advised of these policies before they book. There will be information and signs to remind our guests of these during their time here with us and team members will be available to answer questions or concerns on any of these measures.

Things to bring with you:

  • We encourage all guests to bring a supply of face masks for the duration of their retreat.
  • We will provide hand sanitiser and adequate handwashing facilities in all shared spaces, however, we encourage you to bring your preferred hand sanitiser/ hand soap with you.
  • When out walking in this area it is useful to have a pocket sized gel/wipes to use before/after you have touched a gate , stile or bench.

Measures within this centre:

  • We have enhanced our cleaning practices with regard to Covid 19.
  • All surfaces that are ‘touch point’ areas in all public spaces, e.g. door handles, lights switches, bannisters, key pads on the external doors, will be cleaned /sanitised twice a day as a minimum.
  • All public rooms will be aired regularly.
  • All team members will be provided with the necessary masks, aprons, gloves and face shields as appropriate for their tasks, to ensure government guidelines are complied with.

To ensure social distancing measures can be maintained, there will be a reduced number of guests staying here. In public rooms there are signs and markers to assist social distancing, so our guests will have clarity as to what the requirements are.

Hand sanitisers will be available at strategic points around the centre:

  • Outside the front door, and in the hallway.
  • In the inner hallway outside the toilet. In all public rooms, and at the top and bottom of each staircase.

 Guests will also be reminded to use hand sanitiser before using the key pad on re-entering the Coach House if they have been out for a walk etc.

In all public rooms, our guests and team members, unless they have an exemption, will be expected to wear a face covering except when eating.

If a guest meets with a spiritual accompanier for a session, the accompanier will be wearing a face shield instead of a mask. A face shield will also be offered to the guest instead of a mask for their personal use during these sessions if preferred. Social distancing measures will be in place.

In the sitting room guests will be asked to choose an armchair that will be for their sole use during their stay here. Armchairs will be set apart at the required distance, and sanitised after a guest has ended their retreat. The tables will be cleaned/sanitised regularly. No magazines will be available.

In the sanctuary guests will be asked to choose a chair or prayer stool + cushion for their sole use, which will be sanitised at the end of their stay with us. Guests will be advised that there will be no rugs or prayer shawls available in these circumstances, so to bring their own if they so choose. The space will be reconfigured to allow for social distancing measures and windows open when at all possible. An LED candle will be used if required.

In the library guests will be asked to use hand sanitiser before handling books. If a book is borrowed we ask for it to be left in the guest’s bedroom at the end of their stay, not returned to the library shelf.

The ground floor toilet will be cleaned twice daily and a supply of hand soap/paper towels be maintained. Residential guests are encouraged to use their own ensuite bathrooms instead of this facility.

Hand sanitiser is available in the hallway outside the toilet.

In the dining room there are social distancing measures in place which will enable a maximum of 4 people to have their meal in this room at any one time. Main meals will no longer be self-service. Guests will be served by a team member wearing a face mask and face shield. Much thought has been given as to how to serve meals whilst allowing guests some choice still. Individual portions of many items will be available, including a bread box, a cheese box and fruit bowl. Individual portions of butter, spread, jam, yoghurt etc. will also be available. Individually labelled milk jugs in both the dining room and upstairs landing fridges will be available for guest’s own use.

Hand sanitiser will also be available in the dining room.

Further guidance and details will be shared with guests on arrival here.

If guests prefer to eat in their own bedroom, a lap tray will be provided for their own use. They will be expected to collect and return their own dishes to the trolley in the dining room.

Our catering team will continue to adhere to the government standard hygiene and food preparation regulations. Team members will wear face coverings in addition to their usual catering attire when serving food to guests in the dining room.


Bedroom keys will be sanitised before a guest arrives and be available in their bedroom.

Each bedroom and ensuite bathroom will be cleaned/sanitised between each booking, with the room left unoccupied for a minimum of 72 hours between guests.

Guests will have cleaning materials for cleaning their own en suites during their stay with us as usual. We ask that guests strip their bed at the end of their stay, with used linen being placed in a bag we provide, and left in the room for a team member to collect. A team member will make up the bed with fresh linen once the room has been aired, left empty for 72 hrs and cleaned/sanitised.

Making your own drinks during the day

Guests will have a kettle and a selection of tea/coffee etc./biscuits to make their drinks in their bedroom. The landing facility will not be in use, except for the fridge, where guests may help themselves to milk from their own jug. Hand sanitiser will be available.

Art room

If guests would like to use this area they will be asked to sanitise their hands before and after using materials. There will be guidance as to social distancing measures. There will not be clay available at this time. Hand sanitiser will be available.

Arrival times

We ask you to advise us of your approx. arrival time in advance, so that we can ensure a gap between each guest’s arrival. This will also enable us to greet each person individually and explain the new arrangements.