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Our founders, Ursula Burton and Joyce Ferne wrote this:

"We wanted to create a homely environment enabling those who stay ‘to come home to themselves’ in the beauty and silence of this place"

Guiding Principle #1

The sacred interconnectedness of life and the unity of Spirit expressed in diverse forms and appreciated in a variety of ways

Guiding Principle #2

The uniqueness, potential and intrinsic worth of every human being.

Guiding Principle #3

To honour whole person learning, enabling greater love, compassion and service.

Guiding Principle #4

The value of individual and corporate silence in the spiritual journey which encourages a transformative response to oneself and others.

Guiding Principle #5

An open door to individuals and groups from all Faith traditions or none.

Guiding Principle #6

To be conscious of our impact on the environment with regard to the type of energy and other products we use.